Meet The Gorin+Cohen Team

David Gorin

David Gorin founded David Gorin & Associates in 2002, the predecessor to the new Gorin+Cohen Consulting Group established in 2015. From 1987 to the end of 2001, he was the President & CEO of the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds, an association which thrived and grew under his leadership for 14 years.

He is recognized as a leading expert on the RV park and campground business, consulting across the US, speaking widely before park owner audiences and regularly contributing articles to industry publications. He's consulted with hundreds of park owners and aspiring owners and developers on issues from A to Z - from accessibility to zoning and just about everything in between. He founded the National School of RV Park & Campground Management, Outdoor Hospitality magazine and the leading industry consumer Internet site, David established Best Parks in America in 2004, a national brand for highly-rated RV parks and campgrounds that he sold in 2011, and was the co-developer and owner of Holiday Cove RV Resort in Florida.

Jayne Cohen

Jayne Cohen founded Jayne L Cohen & Associates in 2012 and has over 40 years of outdoor hospitality and customer service experience. She owned a large and very successful family camp resort in New Hampshire until it was sold in 2003. For 8 years, until the latter part of 2011 she was the President of Adventure Bound Camping Resorts, a privately owned company with 10 camping resorts.

Jayne has extensive knowledge and experience in park operations and uses her skills and experience to assist clients to improve their revenues and profits by creating better experiences for their guests and creating systems, procedures, and strategic plans to obtain a client's financial goals.

Jayne has worked with hundreds of clients on new RV park developments and campground expansions conducting market and comparative analysis, feasibility research and reporting for lenders and investors, and land planning and design. Her operational audits for RV park buyers, sellers, and operators have had great success reducing expenses, increasing revenues, and creating better guest experiences.

Donald C. Westphal

Donald C. Westphal, Senior Consulting Associate, has 40 years of experience in site planning, zoning, landscape and image design services, locally and nationally, for camping resorts, manufactured housing communities, and single family subdivisions. Don is a leader in campground and RV resort design. He has considerable experience in presenting plans on behalf of clients to various organizations such as local planning commissions, councils and boards, citizens' groups, and state federal regulatory agencies working with local engineers, architects, environmental consultants and land surveyors.

As a Gorin+Cohen senior team member, Don helps ensure the success of each project adding his land planning expertise, community imaging, marketing and presentation production to extensive feasibility studies, business planning projects, development and business models.

Emeka Nnadi

As the Nadi Group’s founder, Emeka challenges the team to dig deeper and find innovations that make the world a better place. He has a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a master’s degree in urban design and landscape architecture. Emeka has worked as a landscape architect, development manager, urban designer, team design leader and project manager. In 2010, Emeka established his internationally award-winning practice and grew the firm from a sole proprietorship to a multi-disciplinary 12-person team, responsible for the innovative design of thousands of acres. The merger/acquisition of Westphal Associates in 2019 and the partnership with Gorin+Cohen has expanded the firm's reach and increased its planning and design resources, bringing even more value and experience to the RV park and campground industry.

David Strait

David Strait founded Strait Answers Marketing in 1995, after serving 15 years in the tourism industry at San Francisco and San Diego, then serving as Director of Marketing for De Anza Bay Resorts promoting two large RV parks, a golf course and restaurant. As a consultant at Strait Answers, David operated an RV Park brochure distribution service in California, placed over 200 ads in the Good Sam Campground directory, and helped over 100 campgrounds with marketing needs. His expertise includes print production, display advertising and marketing strategy. As the landscape of marketing technologies has transitioned to the internet, David has become an expert in online advertising, web site design and search engine optimization specializing in the RV park and campground industry. He has presented expert seminars at CalARVC events, and advises Campground owners on best practices for web site promotions that target the RV Travel Consumer market.

Tom Gerken, Director of Business Development

Tom holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and finance from The University of Northern Colorado and spent nearly 30 years of his career in the campground industry providing campground and RV Park insurance and risk management services. He was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for each of the two primary campground insurance providers and worked with campground owners, managers, and industry leaders in these positions.

Tom has been a valuable contributor to the industry, serving two terms as the Supplier Representative to the ARVC Board of Directors, as Membership Committee Chairman. He has developed and taught seminars on campground insurance, OSHA, workers compensation, and various areas of campground safety and risk management at industry association functions across the country. Tom was highly involved with the National School of RV Park and Campground Management for many years, serving as a faculty member, on the Board of Regents, and as Chairman of the school.

Tom is an avid camper and RV'er enabling him to appreciate campground operations both from the owner's and guest's perspectives.

Margie and Maurice Dettman

Margie and Maurice Dettman bring a varied perspective to the team. They are active RVers who travel regularly in their RV and have owned and operated a successful campground in Virginia. With business acumen gained from successful careers in the furniture industry and Maurice's vision of the opportunities presented by the campground business, they embarked on a new career and never looked back. After selling the campground and retiring they were approached by a major franchisor in the industry and offered a position as operational consultants. They joined G+C as Associate Consultants in 2018. Their expertise brings a hands-on approach to the team, in depth understanding of park operations and the insight gained from their RVing consumer experiences.

Sharon Weber (Shari)

Shari has 25 years of experience as a campground owner/operator. Prior to campground ownership, Shari was in banking for 10 years rising to the position of Vice President. She has helped individuals, businesses and public entities with investments and preparing loan proposals for bank financing.

Shari was involved in all front and back of the house campground operations including front desk, reservations, marketing, purchasing, accounting, and general operations. Her park received high ratings and excellent reviews. She built customer loyalty and created an environment that campers wanted to repeatedly enjoy. Her training includes an Outdoor Hospitality Executive Certificate from ARVC and graduating from the National School of Campground Management. She has taught classes on accounting practices, analyzing financial information, and preparing loan proposals.

Debbie Sipe

Debbie built a four-decade career in California's campground industry association and is G+C's west coast expert on the RV and campground industry. She has spent her whole life in the campground industry working at her family-owned KOA in Auburn, CA and for 23 years of what is now known as CampCalNow RV Park and Campground Alliance as CEO since 2004. She understands California's famously complicated regulations and permitting processes and is intimately familiar with government affairs, and the permitting and regulatory hurdles new parks and existing parks wishing to expand face. Her expertise brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in campground operations and development in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and other western states.

Elizabeth Breton

Elizabeth Breton has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry in all areas of guest services, administration, operations, reservations and recreation. Elizabeth blends her knowledge of the internet, technology and social media with her "hands on" experience to assist clients with social networking, review management, procedural systems and customer service.

gorin+cohen services

"Having known Jayne a few years I can absolutely say she is on top of tasks! When I recommend her services and expertise she always spends time to understand the situation before contacting the clients. She is very knowledgeable of the industry and is a great help to her clients."

Mary Bedford, President at Parks and Places, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI

David has no equal as the 'go-to' industry authority on a wide-ranging scope of projects. He has a remarkable influence in the industry owing to his vast experience, innovation, creativity and forward-looking strategies. While his prowess is legendary to those within the industry, I would heartily recommend anyone new to the RV Park and Campground industry to solicit his wide array of services and, by so doing, greatly enhance the likelihood of success as a result.