Exclusively serving the outdoor hospitality industry

Our Philosophy

Gorin+Cohen exclusively serves the outdoor hospitality industry in both the private and public sectors throughout the United States. Our knowledge and experience saves campground owners, investors and developers time, money and mistakes. Gorin+Cohen deliver world class consulting services which results in success and client satisfaction every time.

The resources of the Gorin+Cohen Consulting Group ensure each assignment is completed with the highest levels of professional expertise, in a timely manner, and within the Client's budget.

Client satisfaction is guaranteed.

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"I had the pleasure of working with Jayne Cohen recently after a campground acquisition. Jayne's industry knowledge is superb and her ability to efficiently complete assignments is outstanding. I highly recommend Jayne to campground owners looking for outside expertise to assist with operational challenges."

Bradd Rubman, Appletree Bay Property Management, Burlington, VT

David has no equal as the 'go-to' industry authority on a wide-ranging scope of projects. He has a remarkable influence in the industry owing to his vast experience, innovation, creativity and forward-looking strategies. While his prowess is legendary to those within the industry, I would heartily recommend anyone new to the RV Park and Campground industry to solicit his wide array of services and, by so doing, greatly enhance the likelihood of success as a result.