For Investors, Developers & Owners

  • Market & Competitive Analysis Study: Exclusively offered by Gorin+Cohen Consulting Group. An affordable first step for preliminary project evaluation examining market potential and the strength of a specific project.
  • Feasibility Studies: A critical step in the development and planning process for a new park. Financial institutions and investors rely heavily on the findings of these studies for investment decisions.
  • Site & Market Evaluations: An assessment of the particular site under consideration and the market the site might serve. Recommends the best business model for the site and the market.
  • Site Planning, Layout & Design: Master planning and professional design services for new park development and park redesign.
  • Modern park development: Assistance with the redevelopment of an older park to 21st century standards.
  • Due Diligence Support: An essential part of the acquisition process. Thorough due diligence services for Buyers of RV parks and campgrounds. An exclusive due diligence program providing buyers with a high level of comfort, assurance and future success.
  • Exit Strategy Planning: Smart business people have an exit plan. Long term planning assistance.
  • RV Resort Condominium Conversions Development Plan: Conversions of existing parks to ownership by the users may be a viable exit strategy that can yield considerably more immediate revenue and long term income. Developing new condominium ownership parks may be a strong business strategy and model in many locations across the US.
  • Land Planning & Design

gorin+cohen services

The City of Plattsmouth contracted with David Gorin for consulting support as the city considered development of an RV park on property owned by the city. Mr. Gorin's study was exceptionally well done and helped the city in its decision making processes. Subsequent to the feasibility study, the city again contracted with Mr. Gorin for the development and marketing of a Request for Proposals to develop the RV park. Plattsmouth is more than satisfied with Mr. Gorin's work. His industry expertise was very helpful to us.

Erv Portis, City Administrator, Plattsmouth, Nebraska

"Jayne has been extremely helpful with both the business opportunities and the family issues we face as a fourth generation campground. She has a wealth of experience and a very pleasant manner."